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Hello and welcome! I am David Disraeli and this site is dedicated to all the families out there with a senior member who want to know how to smooth out the aging process. Here is a little about me:

Too many of life’s most important decisions are made in the waiting room instead of the living room.  My new book “What to Do With Your Aging Parents” was a labor of love.  It was the outgrowth of 20+ years in financial planning and three significant observations:


1.Most financial plans DO NOT contain a variable for impaired health.  Typical financial plans have an input for inflation, investment returns, expenses etc – but the best plans are void if one of the client’s requires an unexpected $70,000 annual, after-tax drain on their portfolio

2.Most seniors and their children make life changing decisions due to a crises – instead of in advance

3.Most seniors receive services from a variety of professionals like doctors, lawyers, financial advisers etc., but in an in-cohesive fashion

Therefore, the single biggest risk to a portfolio is not market volatility – its the possibility of nursing home expenses, in-home care, or high medical bills.  No one enjoys having conversations about the consequences of getting older, the possibility of needing extra care or dying.  Yet this is inevitable.  As adult children of aging parents, we are caught between managing our own lives and taking care of our parents when they need us. Not only is this time consuming – its emotionally draining.  In my book, I talk about the fact that a crises is not the time to go looking for important documents  However, after 20+ years, most clients can’t lay their hands on their legal documents and insurance policies with two weeks warning.  The most disturbing part of this whole dilemma is the stories I’ve heard about fights between siblings and the ailing family member’s sense that their children are encouraging them to do something that is against their wishes – like move into assisted living or a nursing home.  The fact that these changes are truly in their best interest is simply hard for them to grasp.

Although no senior citizen will argue that they will get older, have health problems and die – they resist planning for these issues in advance.  My goal in writing the book and the accompanying workbook is to provide a road map or track to follow.  We cover everything you, as the adult child need to know and everything you need to do in order to make the aging process as stress-free as possible.   Here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1 The Problem With Financial Planning (why traditional financial planning fails)
Chapter 2 The 6-step Plan
Chapter 3 Marilyn Interrupted (what happens when your parent is struck ill suddenly)
Chapter 4 Senior Fraud
Chapter 5 Senior Housing
Chapter 6 Long Term Care Insurance
Chapter 7 What is a reverse mortgage?
Chapter 8 Estate Planning No Nos
Chapter 9 Medicare and Medicaid
Chapter 10 The Personal Information Vault (how to create a single place for all important information)
Chapter 11 Family Dynamics
Chapter 12 The Six Steps In Review

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